How does a 2-tier link work?

MAP is a great product because of its training. The clarity and depth of affiliate marketing training inside of MAP is unparalleled in the industry. The MAP training modules could be sold for a high ticket price alone. This cutting edge training can help even a newbie launch their own affiliate marketing business promoting any digital product in today's modern marketplace. But in addition to the core MAP affiliate training there are over 45 specialty courses that dive even deeper into specific marketing tactics enabling users to fine tune any affiliate marketing skill they want. 

One of the cool things about MAP is that members can also choose to promote the course themselves as affiliates. When a member uses their "MAP One Link" to promote MAP as an affiliate they can earn a commission based on their membership level.  Free members get a small 25% commission on their referrals. Silver members earn a juicy 40% commissions and Gold members earn a whopping 50% commissions on every sale they refer. The smartest MAP members upgrade to the Platinum level because they receive an abundance of training and tools but also because platinum MAP members get a mind boggling 75% commission on every sale they refer! 

Platinum is clearly the most profitable level to be part of if you plan on promoting MAP as an affiliate but it gets even better than 75% commission, you see platinum members also get a whopping 25% commission on what we call "Second Tier" sales! This means that if a member you referred makes a sale you will receive 25% of the profits on THAT sale as well!

Let me break that down so that you understand exactly how much money that is and where the money comes from. 2nd tier commissions come from the PROFIT made on a sale after the original commissions. 

For example....  Alice is a Platinum member and she emails her subscribers and gets Betty to buy a Platinum membership through her MAP One Link for $797. That's awesome! Alice has just earned a 75% commission.

The first thing that comes out of that $797 transaction are the fees, Paypal or Stripe are 2.9% or 2.29% respectively and the AIMPay processing fee is 3% this means there is approximately $749.18 to divide for commissions.

75% of $749.18 is $561.89 so that is Alice's commision on the sale. The difference of $187.29 is the PROFIT on the sale. 

Now lets say that Betty ALSO has an email list and decides to promote MAP to her subscribers. Betty gets Charlie to join through her MAP One Link.  Now it is Betty that makes the 75% Platinum commission of $561.89 and Alice is due a 25% "Second Tier" commission from the profit of $187.29 which amounts to $46.82. 

Charlie joined under Betty, so Betty earned $561.89 from Charlie's payment. Betty joined under Alice so Alice earned $46.82 from Charlie's payment. That's the way that second tier commissions work and the amounts will vary slightly depending on whether the customer used PayPal or Stripe at checkout. 

Processing fees come off the top of the sale amount first. Then the primary affiliate commission gets deducted, what's left after that is called profit. Second tier commissions are a percentage of the profit made on the sale.  There can never be a scenario where commissions and fees amount to more than the original sale amount.