How can I get the most out of MAP?

The MAP team is entirely committed to helping you succeed with the MAP ecosystem. 

We suggest you begin by understanding how the OneLInk works. You can do so by clicking the link below once logged into the member’s area.

For the training you need, you can go to the left navigation bar to view all of the training.

See how below:

Making MAP work for you will need your effort, just like any business or any program you join.

If you have not joined the VERY active private Facebook group yet, where members like you can all help one another and answer questions to help you succeed, you can do so below:

By joining that group, you can see firsthand how even newer affiliate marketers are now profiting with MAP when they have never made $1 online before.

We have all the confidence in our program (and it's also proven in the group) that you will make money using MAP.

In addition, each week, Omar and John answer questions LIVE on a weekly live stream.

Typically, they are on Fridays at noon EST. We will email all members when the live stream is scheduled. If you cannot join LIVE, you can submit questions here at our help desk so we can pass them along to Omar and John. You can then watch the recordings of those live streams later.

Visit the page below to watch them or join LIVE: 

To watch the live stream recordings, you can locate them as shown in the example below:

I hope this gives you a better understanding of how MAP can help you and where to locate things in the member's area.

If you still have questions, please submit a ticket HERE

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not yet registered at the help desk, you must register. Using login details for one of our websites will not work.